"It's a venue to die for. Wood panelled walls, plush banquette seating and a pristine sound system render the rest of Dublin's night-life cruddy in comparison" 

The Irish Times

The Sugar Club has a long tradition of film. Opening in 1963 as The Irish Film Theatre with the remit of promoting the art of cinema in Ireland, the IFT played the important role of bringing to Ireland notable developments in the art of cinema of which the public were otherwise deprived by lack of interest from mainstream Irish cinemas, or which had been or would have been banned, or significantly damaged by cuts by the Irish film censor at the time. The cinema screened mostly non-mainstream work usually unavailable elsewhere in Ireland including Irish filmindependent film, and foreign language film from around the world. 

The Irish Film Theatre closed its doors in 1985. It would be another 14 years before the space would be used again and so it was in August 1999 that The Sugar Club was born. Since that time we have hosted some of the worlds greatest musicians in our intimate and much loved auditorium.  

We are an integral part of Dublin’s Cultural Community as a multi purpose Arts Centre. Irreplaceable Burmese Teak panels cover the walls of the auditorium. The tiered cinema seating was kept but replaced with plush velvet banquettes. A state of the art digital projector and high-end sound system were installed to give the best possible viewing and listening experience for performer and public alike. We are the only venue in Dublin where you can come and hear live music or a DJ, watch a movie, eat a pizza, have a drink and dance the night away. Now lets do just that.

The Main Auditorium

The Sugar Club
8 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2